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Our Mission:
"Empower rural Nova Scotia to tell its stories and show its value through videography, social media, and human-centred marketing solutions."

From Cape North to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia is composed of stories of perseverance, entrepreneurship, and tradition. Growing up here, we have seen and lived these stories, but noticed they aren’t always being heard. In the modern age of social media, communication and connection is changing, and organizations need to adapt.

Looking to grow your local business? Raise awareness for your charity or social enterprise? Attract newcomers to your town or municipality? We’re here to help. 


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Video Production

We pride ourselves on delivering video content that embodies your brand and tells your story. Video allows you to capture the essence of your business and turn viewers into customers. You have a story and we are storytellers, let’s get started on the first chapter.

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Great marketing is built on great strategy. At Creative Tide, we work with your business to find effective ways to build customer relationships and grow your brand through social media. Great content is just the tip of the iceberg; and we’re here to help you see what’s underneath.

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For many businesses, social media feels like throwing content at the wall and hoping it sticks. You know social media is important, but how do you use it effectively? Our training is tailored to your objectives and empowers your business to thrive on social media and grow your brand.


Brett Murray of Creative Tide headshot in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Brett Murray Lead Videographer

Brett Murray is a passionate videographer and marketer with a keen eye for detail. Brett treats understanding your brand as seriously as he treats his craft; ensuring that he captures your story and message to a tee. Away from work Brett is a fly angler, skier, hiker and all-around wilderness junkie, even spending time as a fishing guide in the remote Northwestern Ontario bush.

Noah Tompkins of Creative Tide headshot in Wolfville, Nova Scotia

Noah Tompkins Lead Strategist

Making the most out of social media is challenging, that’s why we have Noah. His human-centred approach revolves around understanding your core needs and designing tailored solutions that work for you. The result? Actionable solutions with lasting results. When Noah is off the clock you’ll likely find him sipping a dark roast with a guitar in hand.

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